MyPetDoc, the World’s First AI-driven SmartVet

How We Got Our Start

MyPetDoc is brought to you by the technologists and pet lovers at Vet24seven, who started with the goal of bringing veterinarians closer to their clients and to provide pet owners with expert pet health advice when and where they need it.

With that idea in mind, we first created Ask.Vet, a successful direct messaging service connecting pet owners to veterinarians. Through Ask.Vet, we were able to collect data from 35,000+ engagements, providing the framework for us to build MyPetDoc – the world’s first voice-driven AI SmartVet.

MyPetDoc Voice AI on Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Questions about diarrhea, vomiting, itchy skin, urinary issues, and eye issues are some of the most common concerns pet owners have. The folks at Amazon and Google were excited by our natural language AI and the solid, veterinarian-driven pet health answers the MyPetDoc SmartVet provides. Going live in July on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and following with Google Assistant-enabled devices in August, MyPetDoc breaks new ground in the pet health space.

Talk With A Veterinarian Right In Your Living Room

Once MyPetDoc has answered a pet owner’s questions, they can speak with a licensed veterinarian immediately for more information and advice. The vet will have the background information from the MyPetDoc session so the consumer can continue the conversation. Getting the help they need, right in their own home.

Does It Cost?

MyPetDoc AI SmartVet on Amazon Alexa-enabled and Google Assistant-enabled devices is always free to use. Pet owners pay a small consultation fee only if they want to speak with a licensed vet, immediately. These sessions with a vet typically last 15-20 minutes.


Before MyPetDoc, whan pet parents had a pet health question or concern, they could only contact their vet during office hours and even then they would most likely be told to schedule an appointment to get their questions answered.

At that point, pet parents frequently turn to the internet and search for answers on Dr. Google, getting lists of conflicting web pages, rather than answers to their specific concern.

Consultations with a veterinarian on MyPetDoc are advisory and the veterinarians can guide pet owners in their next steps. MyPetDoc veterinarians are not able to diagnose, prognose, treat or prescribe because they have not physically seen the pet.

Newly launched, MyPetDoc answers questions about cats and dogs, and will expand to more species and topics soon. According to nearly one in five U.S. adults, over 47 million, have access to a smart device with AI like smart speakers, watches, TVs, and mobile devices. Many people consider their pets family and MyPetDoc makes access to a vet stress- and fear-free.

“Pet owners worry about their pets 24/7…not just during vet office hours.” said Cal Lai, CEO of Vet24seven, the company behind MyPetDoc, “MyPetDoc provides veterinarian-driven answers to pet health concerns and the opportunity to speak with a veterinarian right in their living room”

“MyPetDoc is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.” said Cal Lai, CEO of Vet24seven, the company behind MyPetDoc, “It gives pet owners unprecedented access to a veterinarian when it is needed most.”

“Pet owners need a better solution for their pet health questions than Dr. Google.” said Cal Lai, CEO of Vet24seven, the company behind MyPetDoc, “Conversations with MyPetDoc provide answers rather than long lists of conflicting web pages.”

“When pet parents are worried, they want advice immediately and don’t want to wait for a vet appointment.” said Cal Lai, CEO of Vet24seven, the company behind MyPetDoc, “MyPetDoc gives them a chance to ask questions and even speak to a vet for health advice at the moment they need it.”

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Executive Team

Cal Lai, CEO, Vet24seven, Inc.
Cal Lai is a serial entrepreneur with experience in building and operating marketing, advertising and ecommerce businesses. He is a recognized expert in technology and internet marketing, and is founder and CEO of three marketing focused technology companies with total market capitalization of approximately $200M at their peaks. Cal has raised more than $50M in capital and has been an officer and director of both public and private companies.

Dr. Edward Blach, President, Vet24seven, Inc.
Dr. Edward Blach is a co-founder of Vet24seven. Dr. Blach works as a business and market specialist in veterinary medicine. He has a unique background that combines veterinary medicine, market research, business development, and management. Dr. Blach is also an inventor whose professional passion is innovation and improvement.

Dr. Treve Williams
VP/GM, Vet24seven International
Dr. Treve Williams is a co-founder of Vet24seven. Dr. Williams has been associated with the horse, its breeding and racing throughout most of his life, and as a veterinarian qualified to practice in both Australia and Europe for more than 35 years. Dr. Williams has been intimately connected with racing administration, breeding and consulted to breeding farms and racing operations around the world.

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