Photos and Interesting Information About Cute Baby Corgis

Two Corgi puppies sitting on the floor.

The monarch of England White Betty. the entire World Wide Web as it is now. There are a lot of Pembroke Welsh Corgi admirers out there, it's no secret! And for good reason—despite their little size, these adorable canines are anything but lacking in charm, wit, or sweetness.

And speaking of cuteness, we've gathered the images to demonstrate why a baby Corgi is the cutest thing ever. Whether you currently own a Corgi or are thinking about getting one, keep reading for some adorably cute photos of young Corgis and interesting information on one of the most adored dog breeds in the world.

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    There Are Two Types of Corgis (From Different Ancestors)

    A merle Corgi puppy eating a treat.

    Despite the similarities in appearance between Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Corgis, these two breeds are really thought to have sprung from distinct progenitors. Their comparable (and charming) looks are said to be the product of crossbreeding that took place at some point in the 19th century. Due to their enormous popularity, you're more likely to encounter a Pembroke Welsh Corgi strolling down your street or adorning your Instagram feed.

    There are two simple methods to distinguish the Cardigan Welsh and Pembroke Corgi if you ever find yourself in a large group of either breed (lucky): While Pembroke Corgis have and rounded ears, Cardigan Welsh Corgis have long, bushy tails and pointed ears.

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    They're the Stuff of Welsh Legends

    Pembroke Corgis were the workhorses for the fairies and elves that lived all throughout Wales, according to Welsh folklore. They were also employed to pull fairy coaches, herd fairy livestock, and transport fairy soldiers into combat. Want a tiny bit of evidence? Some claim that a Pembroke Corgi's coat still bears the traces of a fairy's saddle across the shoulders if you look very closely.

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    Corgi Translates to "Dwarf Dog"—Maybe

    There's some debate around the meaning of "Corgi," but there are two main theories out there:

    1. The Welsh word "cor" means "to gather," while "gi" translates to "dog." Makes a lot of sense for a breed that's known for its champion herding skills, right?
    2. Alternately, the word "cor" translates to "dwarf" in Welsh—and, again, "gi" translates to "dog."

    Depending on the Welsh person you're speaking to and how they interpret the term "cor," the translation will vary. But we believe both readings are accurate given their pasts as herd dogs and service dogs to fairies and elves.

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    They're Champion Herd Dogs

    Corgis have a long, long history as herding dogs. In fact, they were used as herders as early as the 10th century.

    Why, then, Corgis? They had a great edge in the game of herding cattle because of their little height. In addition to giving them easy access to the lower legs and ankles of cows—they would nip at calves to steer them in the appropriate directions—their diminutive stature also shielded them from the cow's retaliatory kicks. Additionally, Corgis are renowned for being extremely agile and swift dogs.

    Although there may not be as many herding Corgis today, many compete in herding competitions—some of which are actually hosted by the American Kennel Club. 

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    Pembroke Corgis Make Perfect Family Dogs

    Corgis are renowned for their charming dispositions, high intellect, and athleticism and may make incredibly loving and devoted family pets. Additionally, they are perfect for apartment or small area living due to their tiny height. However, if you live in a confined place, be sure to exercise your Corgi frequently because they are prone to unhealthful weight growth if they aren't.

    Although Pembroke Corgis are now the 15th most popular dog breed in America, they are becoming more and more well-known as TV and movie stars and those Instagram famous pups you see all over your page.

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    They're Loved by the Royal Family

    If you ever visit Buckingham Palace, be on the lookout for the royal family's massive Corgi crew. 

    In her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II has owned a remarkable 30 Corgis; at the moment, she owns two, named Holly and Willow. When King George VI took a Corgi named Dookie home to the palace in 1933, the Queen got to know the dog for the first time and fell in love with the breed. Soon after, Jane, a second Corgi, was adopted by the royal family. There were more Corgis in the royal castle when Dookie and Jane produced a litter of puppies.

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    California's First Dog Was a Corgi

    Jerry Brown adopted Sutter, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and declared him California's first dog after being elected governor of California. Sutter established himself as a regular presence in the governor's conference room, frequently assisting Brown in reaching deals with his Republican colleagues.


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