Aquariums Provide Health Benefits

A fish tank in a television

Do you struggle with stress, high blood pressure, or insomnia? Keeping an might be therapeutic for you. Gazing at fish has been found to reduce stress and, as a result, lower blood pressure in studies dating back to the late 1980s.

Fish Make a Difference

Researchers tested the effects of hypnosis vs. aquariums, fishless vs. fish-filled aquariums, and no aquarium vs. aquariums. The presence of an aquarium has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure in all circumstances. Additionally, when there are fish in the tank, blood pressure is lower than when the aquarium is tastefully furnished but has no fish. It has been established that even watching a video of fish may be beneficial.

Multitude of Benefits

Seniors who were exposed to a fish tank showed a considerable drop in blood pressure. Children with hyperactivity problem have been proven to benefit by watching fish. Dental patients that were given hypnosis versus an aquarium received the same or better results from the aquarium. Other studies have found that after seeing fish at the dentist's office, dental patients needed less pain medication. It's no surprise that doctors offices, dentistry clinics, and even counseling facilities have kept aquariums in their waiting rooms for years.

Aquarium Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease

According to studies, observing an aquarium provides a number of health advantages to elders with Alzheimer's disease. Researchers at Purdue University discovered that exhibiting tanks of vividly colored fish can help persons with Alzheimer's disease reduce disruptive behaviors and improve their eating habits. According to a Purdue News report from August 1999, "Nancy Edwards, a nursing professor, studied 60 people who lived in specialized facilities at three Indiana nursing homes. Patients who were exposed to the fish tanks looked to be more calm and alert, and they ate up to 21% more food than they had before the fish tanks were introduced. Food consumption increased by 17.2 percent on average."

During the same research, one female patient was said to have "who never spoke to staff or other patients, become enthralled with the fish tank and spent hours staring at the fish. 'Hey, fish lady, how many fish are in this tank, six or eight?' the woman questioned Edwards one day. Edwards, taken aback by the inquiry, informed her that the tank held six fish. 'Well, I counted six once and eight once,' the woman said."

Fish Fish Anywhere

Any aquarium, no matter how big or tiny, can provide health advantages. A large aquarium is ideal, but if you're short on room, a would suffice. A "desktop" aquarium may frequently be found by seniors and students. These are little and come in kits that include everything you need to get started.

If keeping an aquarium is not practical, another alternative is to watch a film or DVD on a TV or computer screen. Downloadable high-definition films are generally accompanied by calming music or the bubbling sounds of a genuine aquarium (and viewers can always turn off the sound).