Fish Names Beginning with D (Common and Scientific)

Colisa lalia - Dwarf Gourami Sunset Morph

Knowing the common name of a fish species isn't enough if you're serious about researching it for your aquarium. If you look up "tetra" in an encyclopedia, for example, you'll receive some basic information, but if you look up the fish by its Latin name, you'll learn a lot more.

While colloquial names are sometimes given to fish based on their look or observed behavior, each fish is genetically and scientifically classified. This is the name that appears in scientific and medical publications. For example, the common diamond tetra is known as Moenkhausia pittieri, and researching it under this name would provide a lot more information.

This list gives fish names beginning with the letter "D." They are alphabetized according to the common name with scientific names also given.

Dojo Loach

Misgurnus angullicaudatus: The weather loach, Japanese loach, Oriental weatherfish, and pond loach are all popular names for this fish. It is a huge (typically 12 inch) calm, long-living fish that may live for up to ten years. The weather has been predicted using this long, eel-like creature (hence the name weatherfish). When storms approach, it has been observed swimming erratically, ostensibly in response to changes in air pressure.

The dojo loach will happily coexist with other species but needs a tank of 20 gallons or more. They are extremely social, and some owners have reported that their loaches even like to be petted. 

Dragon Fish 

Gobioides broussonnetii is a rare species that is not suitable for everyone. It may grow up to 25 inches long and enjoys brackish water. It's also known as a Peruvian gobi or violet gobi. It is frequently maintained in its own tank by hobbyists. It has a lengthy body with strong spines on its fins and a mouth that is underslung and contains sharp teeth, earning it the moniker dragon fish. It is, however, quite mild-mannered, and it is frequently out-competed for food in a mixed aquarium. Despite its menacing look, it scavenges rather than hunts in its native environment. It's one of the oddest-looking aquarium fish, making it a prize for people searching for something different.

Dwarf Gourami 

Colisa lalia: The dwarf gourami is a bright and cautious tiny fish that survives in aquariums as small as five gallons. It gets its name from its maximum adult size of two inches. It's a gentle fish that thrives in mixed-species aquariums populated by other peaceful fish. They won't be able to hold their own in the presence of larger, more aggressive species. Dwarf gourami enjoy aquariums with plenty of plants and hiding spots.

Dwarf Snakehead 

Channa gachua is one of the smallest snakehead species, reaching a maximum size of 8 inches and hence being suited for aquariums. Although its name suggests a reptile look, it is a beautiful, long-bodied fish with prominent fins. It prefers a tank with plenty of plant cover and dark lighting. Because the snakehead has been known to leap out of its aquarium, the tank should be covered. This is a fish for those who want to try something different.

Other Fish With Names Beginning With D 

  • Dawn loach: Botia eos
  • Dawn tetra: Aphyocharax paraguayensis
  • Debauwi cat: Pareutropius buffei
  • Decorated synodontis: Synodontis decorus
  • Deepwater hap: Placidochromis electra
  • Denison's flying fox: Crossocheilus denisonii
  • Dew fish: Tandanus tandanus
  • Diamond tetra: Moenkhausia pittieri
  • Dickfeld's julie: Julidochromis dickfeldi
  • Disco fish: Chanda sp.
  • Discus: Symphysodon discus
  • Discus (blue): Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi
  • Discus (green): Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequifasciatus
  • Dogtooth cichlid: Cynotilapia afra
  • Dolphin catfish: Pseudodoras niger
  • Dorsey's pimelodid: Pimelodella dorseyi
  • Dotted-line barb: Barbus lineomaculatus
  • Dovii: Parachromis dovii
  • Dusky black-striped barb: Barbus eutaenia
  • Dusky corydoras: Corydoras septentrionalis
  • Dusky doradid: Anadoras grypus
  • Dusky pimelodid: Pimelodus blochii
  • Dusky piranha: Serrasalmus calmoni
  • Dwarf corydoras: Corydoras hastatus
  • Dwarf croaking gourami: Trichopsis pumilis
  • Dwarf distichodus: Distichodus decemmaculatus
  • Dwarf driftwood catfish: Tatia creutzbergi
  • Dwarf giraffe catfish: Anaspidoglanis macrostoma
  • Dwarf gourami: Colisa lalia
  • Dwarf livebearer: Heterandria formosa
  • Dwarf loach: Botia nigrolineata
  • Dwarf ornate bagrid: Pelteobagrus ornatus
  • Dwarf otocinclus: Otocinclus affinis
  • Dwarf pencilfish: Nannostomus marginatus
  • Dwarf rainbowfish: Melanotaenia maccullochi
  • Dwarf rasbora: Boraras maculatu