Pet Chinchilla Bedding Options

Chinchilla in cage

Chinchillas have delicate coats and sensitive feet that need to bounce about in something soft. While wandering through the aisles of the pet store, your bedding selections may appear unlimited, certain substrates are far superior to others.

CareFresh Ultra

This bedding is fantastic for a variety of reasons. It is not only soft and absorbent, but it is also composed of recycled paper and is dust-free. It comes in a range of bright hues, which will delight those of us who appreciate a little color in our life.

Cell-Sorb Plus, Sun Seed Fresh World, and Yesterday's News

These are some of the additional recycled paper bedding options accessible to pet owners. They are pelletized materials that have been compressed. They're incredibly absorbent and dust-free, but they're not as soft and fluffy as CareFresh. Some owners like these since they aren't as light as the CareFresh and are less likely to be tossed out of the cage. Many pet retailers use these products because of their odor control and huge packing options, but if you just change one once a week, the expense may not be an issue.

Kaytee Total Comfort

Kaytee's Total Comfort bedding is a recycled paper bedding that is better than wood shavings but not nearly as excellent as some of the other alternative paper beddings. It is similar to CareFresh but with a lower price tag. It is dirty, less absorbent, and less appealing to owners than other goods.

Kaytee Soft Sorbent

The Soft Sorbent is a recycled paper bedding by Kaytee, same as the Total Comfort. This bedding absorbs urine and water better than Total Comfort, but it is more expensive. It also comes in a variety of sizes depending on the batch you buy (sometimes it appears to be much too large for a gerbil cage).

Kaytee Clean and Cozy

Clean and Cozy, another Kaytee pet bedding option, is comparable to CareFresh but is somewhat less absorbent, lighter, and softer. You may or may not prefer it over CareFresh, depending on your bedding needs.

Lifemate Hemp Bedding

Hemp beddings are popular among eco-friendly followers and can only be obtained online. While it isn't as soft as CareFresh, it is quite absorbent, appears to be cost-efficient, and is great in odor control.


Because chinchillas like to hide, many chinchilla owners buy fleece, pillowcases, or towels to use in their cages. Fabrics may also absorb liquids and be cleaned and reused, as well as add any colors you want to the enclosure. Many handcrafted personalized chinchilla fleece accessories are available online to offer your chinchilla a unique, comfortable look.

Corn Cob Bedding

This bedding absorbs liquids and is economical, but it doesn't provide much for odor control, isn't as soft as some other alternatives, and mold development must be checked. It is not suitable for chinchilla homes.

Paper Shavings Pet Bedding

This bedding is extremely soft, absorbent, and cost-effective. It comes in blocks and expands to provide an incredible amount of bedding that you can freely put over your chinchilla's home. It's constructed of recycled paper directories and is lightweight, making it easy to kick about.

There will continue to be a plethora of bedding alternatives available, but you'll find the perfect one for you and your chinnie by trying out a few. Decide what matters most to you (price, absorbency, odor, etc.) and then test a few similar goods. But don't forget to ask your pet what he or she prefers. He'll be the one who puts forth more effort than you!

Aspen is a finer wood shaving than pine or cedar, and many owners like it for its absorbency and scent, as well as its low cost. The disadvantages of aspen include its dustiness and the fact that it sticks to everything, even your chinchilla's bedding. Choose aspen shavings over other wood shavings if you need affordable bedding quickly.

Pine Shavings

This wood shaving is a classic small pet bedding but is no longer the ideal bedding for chinchillas. The wood shavings aren't very absorbent.


There is some discussion that the pine oils can cause health problems in your chinchilla and even cut up their feet. It is best to just avoid this wood product altogether.

Cedar Shavings

Just say no to cedar shavings. Cedar used to be popular due to the natural aroma it gave off but there are now much safer options available to pet owners. Stay away from cedar bedding!


Cedar shaving are cheap and found everywhere, but they are also toxic to your chinchilla because they cause respiratory and allergic problems as well as liver changes.