Are there several kinds of parakeets?

Parakeet Budgie Budgerigar

While budgies are parakeets, they are only one of hundreds of bird species that may be classed in this way; not all parrots are parakeets. Even seasoned aviculturists are perplexed by the parrot/parakeet controversy, which many bird specialists differ on.


Parakeets are with a long tail that are smaller than Macaws, Amazons, and Cockatoos. Parakeets are often clever and easy to train, and most are great talkers, with some even better at imitating human speech than bigger parrot species.

Certain varieties of parakeets can be classified into a few distinct groupings. The Asiatic parakeets are one of these groupings, and include birds like the Indian Ringneck parakeet, Moustache parakeet, Alexandrine parakeet, and Plum-Headed parakeet. All of these birds are native to India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other adjacent countries. They're all members of the Psittacula genus, and their bodies are similar cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval The Grass Parakeets are a different species of parakeet. Bourke's parakeets, Scarlet Chested or Splendid parakeets, and Rosellas are examples of these birds that are native to Australia and its environs. The physical features and attributes of members of the Grass Parakeet group are comparable to those of Asiatic parakeets. However, there are several varieties of parakeets that do not fall into either of these groups. The and the Red Rump Parakeet are two examples. Conures are often classified as parakeets by certain bird specialists, while this is a contentious topic among aviculturists.

Common Parakeet Traits

Parakeets of all kinds share a high level of intellect and a highly sociable disposition. Their proclivity for engagement is, in fact, what makes them an excellent choice for individuals looking for a pet bird. When hand-fed as newborns and handled frequently to stay tame, parakeets form close bonds with their humans. They may be quite affectionate and caring, preferring to spend most of their time with their human flock members.

Adopting a Parakeet

If you're considering of adopting a parakeet of any kind, make sure you have the time to handle and socialize your bird on a daily basis. Allowing a parakeet to be left alone can cause boredom and sadness, which can lead to health and behavioral issues. However, if you can commit to properly caring for one of these birds, you'll be rewarded with a loyal lifelong companion that will provide you delight and friendship for many years.

Contact your local aviculture group to learn more about raising pet parakeets and chat with breeders and experienced bird owners about the varieties you're interested in. These professionals will be able to point you in the direction of the species that is the greatest suit for your lifestyle.