The Command "Leave It" and How to Teach It

About Teaching the Command

How many times did you tell "no" to your puppy today? If you're like the majority of individuals, you lost track of time after breakfast! You presumably meant in the majority of these cases. It's best to save the order "NO" for the most perilous situations. Things that might be detrimental to your puppy, such as biting an electrical cable or running into the street, are considered truly dangerous. It might also be harmful to other animals, such as tackling the cat or picking on a younger puppy. Active aggressive biting, for example, might be deadly to people. The less you use the command "NO," the more probable it is that your puppy will hear it! Teach your puppy what I term "NO" alternatives to make this easier. "Settle down," "off," "wait," and "leave it" are these notions. You'll learn how to teach and utilize the command in this post.

You will need:

  • Collar
  • 6-foot leash
  • small easy to swallow treats
  • a puppy
  • Patience
  • Sense of humor

Teach Your Dog to "Leave It"

  1. Hold two treats in your right hand. Hold your leash in your left hand.
  2. Toss a treat just out of your puppy’s reach. to make sure she does not grab the treat!
  3. Say ‘Leave It’ in a low, serious tone of voice. Your puppy will probably keep trying to reach the treat.
  4. Touch her on her head and call her name. As soon as she looks at you, give her the treat that you are still holding in your right hand.

The first goodie must then be picked up from the floor. When your dog tries to examine an ant bed and you tell her to "Leave It," you don't let her play in the ant bed any longer! Apply the same logic to the sweets.

The next step is to hold the treat in your hand at your pup’s nose.

  1. Say ‘Leave It’ as she reaches for the treat. Use your leash to make sure that she does indeed leave it!
  2. Once she stops trying to get the treat, put that treat in your pocket.
  3. If she shows patience and is not trying to get the treat, you can get the treat out of your pocket and give it to her.

With playful puppy biting, teaching her to shift her lips away from your palm is quite important! Instead of taking your hand away from your dog, make sure your puppy moves her lips away from your hand. Request that someone observe you while you do this activity to ensure that your puppy is the one who is 'leaving it.'

What if My Dog Isn't Food Motivated?

If your puppy is not food motivated, you can still teach this command. 

  1. Walk her around on leash until she becomes interested in something.
  2. Say ‘Leave It’ using your leash to prevent your puppy from moving forward. 
  3. Touch her gently on the head, call her name, and move away from her, encouraging her to come with you. 
  4. Praise and pet her for ‘leaving it’.

When to Use The Command "Leave It"

Use the command ‘leave it’ when your puppy shows interest in doing something that you do not want her to do. Make a list of all of the things that you can use ‘leave it’ for!

  • When she is thinking of grabbing your shoe
  • When she sees the empty potato chip bag on a walk
  • When she wants to try playing with hickory nuts outside
  • When she see the pizza on the coffee table
  • When she puts her teeth playfully on your child’s arm
  • When she is barking at neighbor’s cat through the window
  • When she…..

This is the most used command in my vocabulary with puppies. It is well worth practicing this exercises for five minutes every day!