Why Buy a Dog From a Breeder? 9 Good Reasons

Woman with puppies

There are a few alternatives accessible to you if you want a as your new family member. Although there are occasionally purebred pups ready for adoption through shelters and private rescue organizations, you are more likely to come across mixed-breed puppies or adult purebred dogs. Finding a reputable breeder who is committed to producing healthy, temperamentally sound puppies of their chosen breed is your best bet if you must have a purebred puppy.

Find a breeder by contacting the national breed group that represents your dog and asking for breeder recommendations. Locate the national breed club for the breeds that the American Kennel Club recognizes (AKC). If your breed isn't listed on the AKC website, search for the desired breed's association using the breed name and the terms "national breed club" or "national breed association."

Otherwise, use these great reasons to buy a purebred puppy from a responsible breeder.

You’ll Get Expert Breed Guidance

If you've never had the breed, a professional breeder can give you advice on what to anticipate and assist you in determining whether the breed will be a suitable fit for your family and way of life. If the breed is not a good fit for you, a competent breeder would never pressure you into buying a puppy.

Your Puppy Will Be a Good Example of the Breed

Breed standards, which are written descriptions of the ideal physical and temperamental traits of the breed, are observed by reputable breeders. The breed standard specifies crucial minutiae like shoulder layback, eye shape, and stride as well as major characteristics like coat length, color, height, and weight (the way the dog moves). The breed standard is the reason that bullmastiffs are large and muscular, dachshunds have long backs and short legs, and poodles have curly hair. These particulars are not frivolous, nor are they just for show. The traits stated in the breed standard maintain a purebred dog loyal to its origins—capable of carrying out the primary function for which it was created, whether that be herding cattle, hunting in the field, eliminating pests, or protecting the home.

You’ll Know Your Puppy’s History

In order to identify the greatest possible matches that will result in healthy puppies that are accurate representatives of the breed, responsible breeders utilize pedigrees to investigate the ancestors of their breeding dog going back many generations.

You’ll Get to Meet Your Puppy’s Parents

You can meet the puppy's mother, sometimes referred to as the dam, and frequently other relatives when you purchase from a reputable breeder. You can also meet the father, sometimes referred to as the sire, if he is there. If not, the breeder can provide the father's pedigree and will offer images and/or videos. You may get a pretty good sense of how your puppy will appear and act as an adult by getting to know the dog's parents and other close relatives.

You’ll Know the Health Background of the Puppy’s Parents

The healthiest dogs may be produced by responsible breeders. They carry out specialist health tests on their dogs before breeding them so they may prevent breeding dogs who might pass on defective genes. They are acutely aware of the genetic illnesses widespread in their breed. This implies that the puppy you purchase will have a better chance of avoiding a genetic problem.

Your Puppy Will Come With a Health Guarantee

Reputable breeders give health assurances because they care so much about the wellbeing of their pets. When enquiring about a puppy, be sure to ask for details on the breeder's unique health assurance policies. In general, health assurances could stipulate that if the puppy has one of the diseases listed in the contract, you'll either get your money back or a new puppy, or the breeder might pay a set amount toward the treatment of the dog's condition.

A Breeder Will Help Choose the Best Puppy for You

Every puppy is unique. It might be difficult to predict if a particular puppy in a litter will mature into an aggressive or gentle, high energy or low energy dog. The best breeders are familiar with their breed and their babies. They will assist in matching you and your family with the ideal dog.

You’ll Have Lifetime Access to Expert Help

Even when their puppies leave their house, good breeders take care of them. Throughout the puppy's life, a respectable breeder will urge you to contact him or her and will provide guidance on topics like health, grooming, training, diet, and temperament.

Your Puppy Will Always Have a Home

A good breeder takes ownership of the fate of the puppies they create. They don't want their pups to ever wind up in a shelter for animals or, worse, on the streets. Reputable breeders virtually never refuse to accept a puppy back, regardless of the circumstance or the dog's stage of development. It's reassuring to know that your breeder will be there to support you by either taking the puppy back or helping you find a new home for it if one of your family members develops an allergy to the puppy or you ever find yourself in difficult financial circumstances due to a divorce, job loss, health crisis, or any other reason.