If You Love Doug the Pug, Here Are 9 Pugs to Follow

Four pugs sitting in a red wagon wearing red striped shirts.

Doug the Pug is one of the most well-known online pets. You've probably seen Doug in celebrity images, music videos, and award presentations even if you don't follow him on Instagram or Facebook. The pug from Nashville, Tennessee, rose to fame on Instagram because to his owner's charming images of him in perilous circumstances. Doug currently has a global following of 4 million people.

His is one of many adorable pet Instagram accounts, as pet images are becoming increasingly popular. The accounts appear to allow non-pet owners to have their own low-maintenance pet without the drawbacks that some people believe come with being a pet parent. With the press of a button, pet owners may share their one-of-a-kind pet with viewers all over the world. It's a win-win situation for everyone. On Instagram, there are a plethora of pet profiles to follow. Doug's example has been followed by a few pug accounts.

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    Bubblebecca Pugs

    Several black and white pugs laying on green grass.

    Is it your ambition to live with a pack of rescued pugs? Ours too. By following this account, you may virtually live out your desire. Bubblebecca Pugs is a UK-based pug organization. They promise to take in any pug from anywhere, at any time, and ensure that it has a good life, whether it is at their or with a new forever home. They upload a lot of images and videos of the gorgeous pugs that come through their on social media. Maybe you'll meet your new best friend on their feed!

    Follow @Bubblebeccapugs on Instagram.

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    Mean Mug Pug


    Don't be put off by Ozzy's angular looks. Her owners assure everyone that she is a sweetheart, despite her intimidating appearance. Ozzy was adopted from Central Coast Pug Rescue in Hollywood in 2015. Her owners have been sharing her amusing visage on social media to raise awareness for dog rescues ever since. Every day, marvel over her gorgeous "mean mug" on her Instagram page to watch all of Ozzy's shenanigans.

    Follow @meanmugpug on Instagram.

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    Sissy, Tilly, Natty, and Missy are all ridiculously funny. Their Instagram account is filled with photographs and videos of them having a good time in Maine. They even dress up in silly costumes on occasion. Yes, you read that correctly. These adorable pugs will make you laugh out loud for hours.

    Follow @pugdashians on Instagram.

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    Mack the Adventure Pug


    Just because you're little doesn't mean you can't join the others on their adventures. Mack the Adventure Pug is attempting to demonstrate this. Mack travels around the United States with his human, stopping at gorgeous overlooks and breathtaking mountaintops. This is the account for you if you enjoy outdoors and gorgeous pugs.

    Follow @pugventurephoto on instagram.

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    Surf Gidget the Pug


    Beautiful and talented? Please sign us up! Gidget is a good surfer and a rare white pug. She participates in a variety of events around sunny Southern California and has won medals in several of them. Her surfing abilities have even landed her in Sports Illustrated. Gidget is always demonstrating her abilities on her Instagram page—don't miss it!

    Follow @surf_gidget_the_pug on Instagram.

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    Jeremy Veach & Norm


    Jeremy Veach is an accomplished photographer who enjoys recording his trips with his pug best buddy, Norm. Norm is lovely, and Jeremy's stunning images capture his silly, fun-loving nature perfectly. Jeremy and Norm are roommates aboard a bus. For the couple, living on the road makes every day an adventure.

    Follow @Jeremyveach on Instagram.

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    Sir Axle Rod the Pug


    In our humble view, derpy dogs are typically the prettiest. Sir Axle Rod is the dog for you if you enjoy derpy dogs as much as we do. His Instagram account shows that he enjoys resting, ideally with his tongue hanging out. His Instagram and Facebook sites chronicle his daily life with the people he cares about the most.

    Follow @siraxlerodthepug on Instagram.

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    Zombie Pug


    Igor the pug, whose cute visage filled their page on a regular basis, propelled this account to fame. Igor went away on the other side of the rainbow bridge, leaving his account to his equally lovely brother, Zombie. The owners of Zombie upload frequent images of this adorable creature to brighten your day as you read through your social media account.

    Follow @igorpugdog on Instagram.

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    Timmy O'Pug


    Following this sweetheart will bring a smile to your face every day. Timmy O'Pug was a senior dog who was adopted. His mobility limitations make it tough for him to walk, but he does have a nice set of wheels. His images depict him dozing away his days and traveling through the streets of Chicago in the cutest way conceivable. You could even catch a glimpse of his pug sibling, Eli.

    Follow @timmyopug on Instagram.