Farm Animals Are the Cutest in These 8 Photos

8 Photos That Prove Farm Animals Are the Cutest

It's no secret that kittens, puppies, and bunnies are sickeningly cute—approximately 75% of the internet (or at least it appears to be!) is dedicated to lovely photographs of them. Have you recently seen a cow, pig, or chick? They're also rather adorable.

Most people have only seen farm animals at a petting zoo or a county fair, so they have no idea how cute, comical, goofy, ludicrous, or odd they may be. Continue reading to find out all you didn't know about the prettiest (and most intriguing) farm animals.

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    8 Photos That Prove Farm Animals Are the Cutest

    Goats are the most bizarre creatures you'll find in the barnyard. Why? They like to climb on top of objects, scream like people (which is really called "bleating"), and have distinct accents.

    That's correct. Researchers previously thought that only species with bigger brains, such as humans, elephants, and dolphins, could have distinct accents. Goats, it turns out, have the same vocal range as humans. Furthermore, goats' accents might shift when they migrate between groups of goats.

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    Cows are udderly adorable creatures. And, of course, they shoulder the burden of generating the world’s ice cream supply. Thank you, cows.

    So, how can we convince these ice cream-loving cows to give us even more? All their farmers have to do now is give them names. According to studies, a farmer's cows would give more milk if she has a better relationship with them, especially if she names them and displays affection.

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    Pigs aren't just attractive with their curly tails and beautiful tiny noses; they're also barnyard brains. Pigs are, in fact, perhaps smarter than your human kid and certainly smarter than your dog. Pigs, children, and dogs, on the other hand, are likely to have similar table manners.

    Pigs have such excellent cognitive function that they can identify their names and mothers' voices right after birth, remember where they've hidden food, and play joystick-controlled computer games, according to some study.

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    Chickens aren't the prettiest creatures at first appearance, we concede. However, if you spend enough time with them, you'll notice that they're rather lovable. They also like cuddling and sunbathing with their chicken friends. Isn't it adorable?

    In the case of chickens, however, intelligence triumphs over beauty: they can discriminate between over 100 different chicken faces. When was the last time you were able to identify a distant relative with certainty?

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    Llamas may appear to be stuffed creatures, but don't be fooled by their cute looks; intruding on their area will make them unhappy. Because llamas are incredibly vigilant and aren't hesitant to chase an intruder away, many farmers utilize them to defend their animals.

    It may be worth getting chased by something so cuddly and goofy looking though.

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    Watch a horse gallop across a field while the sun is setting and try not to shed a tear. Just imagining it is probably getting you choked up.

    Horses are stunning, stately animals that are also quite expressive. They convey their moods and sentiments through vocalizations such as whinnying, neighing, or snorting, as well as their eyes, ears, and nostrils.

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    Horses get all the majesty and grandeur of the family Equidae (or the horse family), but donkeys are pretty dang cute, too. Plus, they’re like a wise, all-knowing mom.

    How? Not only can donkeys recall a location or another donkey (or anything you did as a bumbling teenager) from up to 25 years ago, but they will also refuse to participate in activities that appear to be dangerous.

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    Everyone adores sheep because of their soft fleece and heroic acts in the film Babe. Their funny, blank glances are appealing as well, but if you look closely into sheep's eyes, you'll notice they're not as frightening as they appear!

    Their horizontal pupils provide some protection against predators. How? They can see everything around them, not just what's directly in front of them, which is essential for an animal whose sole defense mechanisms are bahhhh-ing and fleeing.