If you like menswear dogs, here are 8 to follow.

A tan Shiba Inu dog laying on the bed, looking at the camera while wearing a DIY crown.

If you aren't already following the Menswear Dog, Bodhi, on Instagram, you should do so right now. The frequent postings by Bodhi are funny. They show him dressed as a model and posing in some trendy clothes. Bodhi has been published in high-profile magazines such as the New York Times and GQ, and he's even appeared for ASOS and The Tie Bar marketing campaigns. He's well-known and fashionable!

Thankfully, there are a lot of pet accounts out there these days, since social media allows pet owners to show off their quirky and amusing pets. When it comes to humorous dog Instagram profiles, Menswear Dog is only the beginning.

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    Toast & Oakley

    Two Shiba Inu dogs sitting and looking at the camera in front of yellow flowers.

    Shiba Inus are lovely, gorgeous pups that, because to their independence and aloofness, are compared to cats by some. Shibas are, without a doubt, lovely. Toast and Oakley will demonstrate this on Instagram. These two dogs go together like peas in a pod. They're always going on adventures and posing for pictures. They even go on adventures in identical clothing on occasion.

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    Simon Sits


    Meet Simon and Sawyer, his hipster alter ego. Simon was adopted from Korean K9 Rescue and now lives in New York City with his owner, Isabel. Simon and his family were saved from the streets of South Korea, and he now resides in Brooklyn, New York City. Isabel does an excellent job capturing his daily activities. Simon travels the metro, long vehicle journeys, and frequents the dog park, where he interacts with a variety of dogs. He's also no stranger to amusing outfits. We think Simon is equally as funny as the Menswear Dog, despite not being a genuine Shiba Inu.

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    Momo + Dango


    You'll fall in love with this gorgeous couple with just one glimpse at their Instagram page. These two Shiba Inus like playing and generally being silly together. Dango is a Red Shiba with a gorgeous brownish, reddish shorter coat, whereas Momo is a Woolly Shiba with long, luxurious hair. Momo and Dango's pet parents love to show off their adorable pups on Instagram, documenting their everyday escapades and giving us a glimpse into their hilarious personality.

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    Riley the Shiba Inu rose to prominence via uploading amusing images of himself in perilous circumstances, frequently while dressed in a silly costume. Lucas, his gorgeous little brother, who also happens to be the most handsome Australian Shepherd in the universe, has joined him. Hundreds of photos of the two posing together and getting themselves into awkward situations can be seen on their Instagram page. One thing is certain: these two puppies adore one other. Their shenanigans demonstrate this.

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    Umi the Shiba Inu


    Shiba Inus are usually cute, but Umi takes it to the next level. Everywhere he goes, this gorgeous child may be spotted frolicking, playing, and smiling. Umi may be found resting in bed or cuddling with his folks when he's not enjoying the beach or hiking through the forest. He has every sort of photo or video you could want in a pet profile—adventurous ones, silly ones, and just lovely cuddly ones—on his Instagram page.

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    From Brooklyn's Instagram page, it's clear that he belongs in sunny San Diego. He's usually lazing on the beach, frolicking across a field, or trekking with his best friends in his images. Brooklyn, like Menswear Dog, is a gorgeous Shiba Inu puppy. Brooklyn, unlike Menswear Dog, has a dark coat. He's predominantly black with tan markings, which makes him stand out among Shiba Inus, who are typically shown with tan or red hair.

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    Do you want to see more Shiba Inus dressed up on your Instagram feed? This is your user account. These pet parents often share images of their gorgeous Shiba Inus dressed up and getting into mischief. These pups are always happy, whether they're having a spa day, getting caught in the dryer, or going on a camping vacation. They clearly enjoy spending their lives together exploring around Russia.

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    Lord Sesshomaru


    This little darling lives with his mother in Florida and spends his days exploring the area beaches, trails, and parks. His wacky demeanor is typical with most other Shiba Inus, and he enjoys dressing up in crazy clothing and posing for the camera. While he enjoys exploring, he also enjoys relaxing and making his fans laugh with his crazy images and videos.

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