Seven Motives for Cats' Love of Bathrooms

Cat sitting crouched on edge of bathtub

If you are familiar with cats, you are likely aware of their penchant for restrooms. Is your cat with you when you use the restroom? Perhaps when you're in there, it brushes against your legs. Even if you're not around, it could leap on the counter to relax in the sink. It could claw at the locked door and meow loudly. When you are in the bathroom as opposed to everywhere else in the house, certain cats appear to want more attention. Why do cats appear to like using the restroom so much?

A Bathroom Is a Great Place to Play

Some cats may view bathrooms as playrooms. There are toilet paper rolls to play with and a tub to swirl around in. On the wall, there could be interesting items like towels and robes hanging. They might be able to play with the rug or bathmat while rolling about on the floor. Whether or not you are using the restroom, a cat may still have a lot of fun there. Many owners have discovered this the hard way after returning home to find their cat's mess in the bathroom. Hopefully, you wouldn't have to clean up a mess that was worse, like peeing or pooping in the sink or bathtub!

Closed Doors Pique Curiosity

Most cats cannot tolerate their houses' closed doors. The restroom door is no different. Your cat may become agitated if the bathroom door were closed and you were on the other side. Some cats appear to pick up on the fact that you'll probably shut the restroom door over time. To ensure they don't miss out on the excitement, they thus want to be present. Cats are always interested in what is going on in their territories. Cats have only one rule, which is that doors should never be shut.

It's a Great Time to Get Attention

(As long as it's on their terms.) Cats like attention. Let's face it, who wouldn't pet a cute cat that was rubbing all over their legs when they were using the restroom? The cat appears to be aware that you will be "stuck" there for a while and that it will be simple to gain your attention. It's also possible that your cat can know if you're not preoccupied with work, a book, the television, or some other activity. They are giving you love and attention, and you are there doing nothing too important. Several cats like licking their owners after a bath or shower. Stupid cats!

Sinks Are Like Cat Beds

Think about the sink's form. The feline body appears to be properly cradled by the rounded sides. It seems sense that a cat would like having a sink to lounge in and nap in. In hot months, you could enjoy the sink's coolness. The cat's body heat may warm the sink during the colder months, making it seem cozier indoors. Some felines may lick water droplets that fall from the faucet while relaxing in the sink.

Water, Believe It or Not

Although most cats dislike getting wet, many enjoy being near bodies of water. A cat may drink clean water from the sink or bathtub faucet in the restroom. One of the many things cats adore is clean, flowing water. Occasionally, cats who enjoy sinks may enter them when the water is running. Some cats even enjoy drinking bathwater or licking the damp tub!

Cats Enjoy Routines

Your cat may start to look forward to seeing you in the bathroom, especially if you give in to its cries for attention. If you feed your cat just after using the restroom in the morning, your cat could also be expecting lunch.

Your Cat Loves You

Your scent, the favorite person of your cat, permeates the entire bathroom! Your cat could assume that you spend time there doing important things because of the way you act. Your cat can find it fascinating to watch you do all the routine human actions there. While you brush your teeth or do your hair, many cats will sit on the vanity and stare at you in fascination. Going to the bathroom might be highly beneficial for cat relationships!