60 Dog Names from Japan

Shiba Inu on a rock wearing a Kimono

Japan is noted for its unique blend of old and modern customs and cultures. The Japanese also speak a unique language that is unlike any other, and who doesn't enjoy Japanese cuisine? When you add in the country's beauty and the people's kindness, it's no surprise that Japan remains a popular tourist destination.

You may have chosen a for your dog, whether you're a frequent traveler or simply captivated by the country's traditions and philosophy. It's possible that your dog is a Japanese breed, such as the or the Akita.

Below, we've offered up 60 Japanese dog names that could appeal.

Top Japanese Dog Names

  • Sota (m)
  • Sakura (f)
  • Yuto (m)
  • Mei (f)
  • Haruki (m)
  • Yui (f)
  • Riku (m)
  • Hana (f)
  • Yuma (m)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

If you live with other family members, have a brainstorming session to ensure that the name you choose is one that everyone agrees on. The worst thing you can do is pick a name for your dog and then change it weeks or months later because you're not thrilled with it. Your dog will be perplexed by this.

Choose a name that is either short or can be readily shortened. Also, make sure it's not too difficult to say. You don't want your dog walker calling your dog by the wrong name all the time! If you choose a random Japanese phrase that you think sounds nice, make sure to look up the meaning first. You don't want it to be improper, if not outright offensive.

Japanese Dog Names Inspired By a Dog's Temperament or Appearance

It's popular to name your dog after its idiosyncrasies, qualities, or physical characteristics. Is your dog spirited, gentle, energetic, or sedentary? Perhaps they have unusually long ears or are a fluffy dog breed. Looking at their distinguishing characteristics will assist you in naming them.

  • Kuru (meaning black)
  • Takeo (meaning warrior)
  • Yoshi (meaning good)
  • Ryuu (meaning dragon)
  • Jin (meaning placid)
  • Kuma (meaning bear)
  • Taidana (meaning lazy)
  • Fuwafuwa (meaning fluffy)
  • Doki doki (meaning excited)
  • Mausu (meaning mouse)

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Local Traditions and Words

Japan is known for its distinct traditions and historical cultural history. Taking cues from Japanese culture, sports, ceremonies, philosophies, and history might help you come up with a unique name.

  • Inu (meaning dog)
  • Pochi (a common dog name in Japan, meaning pooch)
  • Chanoyu (a traditional tea ceremony)
  • Tenko (a long-living fox from Japanese folklore)
  • Akamaru (the dog character from the famous anime show Naruto)
  • Obon (an annual festival and Buddhist custom honoring ancestors)
  • Sakura (meaning Cherry Blossom, the national flower of Japan)
  • Sumo (the famous ancient Japanese sport)
  • Kanpai (meaning cheers)
  • Hashi (meaning chopsticks)

Food and Drink Inspired Japanese Dog Names

How many times have you heard a dog's name be associated with food? Some frequent examples include peaches, biscuits, pickles, and fudge. Because Japan is known for its cuisine, you'll have no trouble coming up with dog names. In Japanese culture, tea is also important. Below are some name suggestions influenced by Japanese cuisine and beverages.

  • Udon (a thick type of noodle)
  • Sushi (the most iconic type of Japanese food)
  • Matcha (a type of tea)
  • Miso (a type of soup)
  • Soba (a thin type of noodle)
  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Kombu (a type of seaweed)
  • Amazake (a sweet fermented rice drink)
  • Momoshu (a peach liquor)
  • Sake (a famous alcoholic drink)

Further Popular Male Japanese Dog Names

  • Takashi
  • Kaede
  • Akira
  • Hiro
  • Ryo
  • Nao
  • Yoshi
  • Ren
  • Kenji
  • Toshi

Further Popular Female Dog Names

  • Kiko
  • Emi
  • Kimi
  • Akiko
  • Yuri
  • Mana
  • Mariko
  • Yua
  • Natsuki
  • Noriko

Other Dog Name Ideas

If this list hasn't helped you make a decision and you're still looking for further inspiration, you could check out these other dog name compilations.