On St. Patrick's Day, there are six ways to honor your pets.

rabbit in green hat

With the greenest season of the year approaching this week, it's the ideal time to think of ways to celebrate with your pet. Especially if no one in your family is Irish, St. Patrick's Day is an excellent occasion for your pets to be even cuter than usual! If excessive drinking of Irish beer isn't your style, there are a few fun ways your animal companion may join you in celebrating the event. Here are some fun ideas (and safety considerations) for you and your four-legged pal, ranging from costumes to parties.

Attend a Pet-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Many dogs would enjoy seeing the sights of a local parade with their owners, so if one is scheduled in your region, go! Dogs may find it fascinating to see so many people and appreciate the pleasant spring weather. However, be wary of the parade's and bystanders' loud noises; similar to the Fourth of July, some dogs may be easily startled. However, a parade is a terrific chance for your dog to get some exercise while also seeing and smelling new things. Always consult your veterinarian before bringing your pet into a busy place, and check online to see if the event is dog-friendly.

Dress Your Pet in Green


There are some cute shamrock hats, beanies, bandanas, beads, headbands, and even leprechaun outfits that your dog or cat would look adorable in. It's fine to make your cat or dog seem as festive as possible as long as they aren't yanking on the costume, eating it, or displaying indications of distress. Please keep these safety considerations in mind when dressing up your dog.

Buy Them Some Green Toys


St. Patrick's Day is the ideal time to get your pet an adorable leprechaun toy, a green catnip plush toy, or a green bone. Petco, for example, has entire departments dedicated to this occasion for your pet to pick from!

Take Photos & Videos for Instagram or Tik Tok


If you dress your dogs up in St. Patrick's Day outfits, you're in for some festive picture sessions for St. Patrick's Day! There are specialized hashtags on social media where you may have them gain a fan following. Instead of photographs with your human buddies, your closest furry buddy might become the center of attention!

Keep Them Far Away From Toxins


If you do decide to take your pet to a home party, keep in mind that there are some beverages, foods, items, and live beings they should not consume. A shamrock plant, also known as the Oxalis acetosella, can be harmful to dogs. Check out this list of plants that your dog should avoid.

Keep your dog away from adult beverages, such as green beer, which can be toxic as well.
Traditional foods, such as Irish soda bread, also have raisins that can cause kidney failure in dogs.

When in doubt, always call your vet or at (888) 426-4435. Reference this sheet so you'll know what to expect when you call.

Give Them Safe, Edible Treats


Dogs should avoid human goodies, so provide them with some healthier alternatives that are also environmentally friendly! Green smoothies, spinach and parsley dog bones, and green apple cookies are all excellent options. You can discover additional recipes online, but make sure they're healthful and safe, and always consult your veterinarian if you're unsure.

Throw a Costume Contest With Other Pet Owners


Consider organizing a meeting of friends with dogs or cats and bringing all the pet pals together if you have an excess of green goodies or want everyone to see your St. Paddy's Day outfits live. It's a terrific opportunity to do all of the above with others (as long as your pet is socialized to get along with other animals). This way, there may be several goodies devoured, multiple lovely outfits to photograph, and pleasant memories created for your dogs to enjoy!


Overall, as long as no one gets too pinched, St. Patrick's Day is a terrific day for everyone and their canine pets. This year, consider enjoying some Christmas fun with your pet as well.