Nerdy Cat Names: 25

Kitten looking out from bookshelf

Choose a smart and snappy nerdy cat name if you're looking for the appropriate name for your new feline buddy. There are plenty of geeky cat names to select from when adopting a new cat, whether you're a scientific buff, bookworm, video game lover, or tech wizard.


Pi equals 3.1415926....and so on, as math nerds know. This infinite decimal has no end and is the circumference to diameter ratio of a circle. Pi is a short and pleasant name for your new feline buddy, whether you're into math statistics or not.


If you’re a computer nerd, Pixel is a cute option for either a female or with a techie twist.

Princess Leia

If you’re a Star Wars fan and looking for a nerdy cat name for a female cat, Princess Leia is a top option. The galactic heroine from the Star Wars movies makes a purr-fect nerdy cat name.


Another popular nerdy cat name for Star Wars fan is Yoda. He’s small and wise—much like your furry friend. Smart your cat is!


If your cat is super smart or always has a bright idea on scoring more treats, he sounds like an Einstein. This nerdy cat name is a no-brainer!


For science buffs, Newton makes a good nerdy cat name. You can also opt for the more formal ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ if you’re into super long names.


Borrow a nerdy cat name from the chemistry lab and name your kitten Beaker!


The prefix nano signifies "very little," while the Greek word "nanos" means "dwarf." If you're looking for a geeky cat name for a little cat or a Munchkin breed, Nano is a fantastic option!


If your kitten is in beta-mode—learning a lot and working out the bugs of being a domestic house cat, then Beta might be the best nerdy cat name.


An open source operating system, Linux is a nerdy cat name for computer enthusiasts.


A cute name for a nerdy cat, Dot is a play on the internet explosion known as the dot-com era.


If you’re a programmer, you know that Java is more than the slang word for coffee. Instead, JavaScript is a popular programming language—and a great nerdy cat name.


A double play on the iconic computer mouse and the classic cat-and-mouse relationship, consider naming your cat Mouse.


Short for Macintosh, every Apple enthusiast knows that Mac makes a cute nerdy cat name.


Ruby is a really geeky female cat name. This computer language, which started in Japan but is now widely used worldwide, may be the perfect name for your cat.


Siri, Apple's well-known voice assistant, is an excellent name for your cat. If your cat is always listening for your phone call, give her the name Siri. While your cat won't be able to remind you of your next appointment or provide weather information, she will provide lots of love and support.


If you’re a literary nut, name your cat Dewey—like the Dewey Decimal system that keeps library shelves in order.


Take a geeky cat name from a famous work of literature and give it to your cat. Atticus Finch, a prominent character in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, is recognized for his knowledge and honesty.


Atari is an excellent vintage geeky cat name for video game fans. Many of the company's games are still regarded classics today.


The Sega game console was a favorite early video game system, and you can bring back those memories if you name your cat Sega.


Everyone's favorite hedgehog from the early 1990s was speedy and brilliant blue. Sonic may be the perfect name for your new best buddy, even if your cat isn't of the same breed and doesn't have a vivid blue coat.


Sonic's sidekick also has a cat-friendly name: Tails. Consider this name if your cat has a long tail and you're seeking for another quirky cat name inspired by your love of 90s video games.


Helix can be the appropriate pick if you're interested science and looking for a catchy nerdy name. A helix, which is essentially a three-dimensional curve, is best recognized for its involvement in DNA structure. Helix is a distinctive cat name, whether you're a biology enthusiast or not.


Blaine Pascal was a well-known physicist and mathematician. The Pascal is now a scientific unit of pressure measurement. You don't need to know all of this to recognize Pascal as a nice geeky name for a female cat!


Apollo is a fantastic geeky cat name for astronomy and space aficionados. The Apollo spacecraft was responsible for bringing the first man to the moon. While your kitty won't be landing on the moon, Apollo may be the right name for him.