19 Cat Names in Orange

Orange tabby cat in bed

While cats come in a variety of hues, none are more well-known than orange cats, and any feline with such a vibrant coat needs a memorable name. These best orange cat names are perfect for your feline friend.

Orange cats have been featured in movies, books, and comic strips for decades. Many orange cats are also tabbies, with distinctive stripes adding to their striking appearance.


Garfield, one of the most well-known orange cats of all time, has his own comic strip. Garfield is the ideal orange cat name if your cat takes center stage in your life and provides plenty of funny situations.


Cheddar is a terrific orange cat name whether your kitty is a mouser or not. The hair of an orange cat is the same color as this delicious cheese, and it's an appropriate reference to the long-running battle between cat and mouse.


A cheery redhead, Annie is a popular pick for female orange cat names.



A goofy, giggly character from Sesame Street that everyone loves, Elmo is a cute name for your beloved orange cat.


The Muppets boasted a variety of endearing characters, including Ernie, who was orange in appearance. However, unlike Ernie, your orange cat is unlikely to enjoy bath time with a rubber ducky.


Beaker was a Muppet character with a shock of reddish-orange hair on top of his head who was most known for conversing with "Meep!" While your cat is likely to convey his feelings through "meow," if he has Beaker's reddish-orange coat, this is an excellent orange cat name.


For a fiery orange cat name, choose Flame.



Another comic cat, Heathcliff is an orange tabby who has been appearing in Sunday papers since the 1970’s. Heathcliff often causes mischief—which is not unlike many other frisky felines.


Hobbes is a great orange cat name if your cat is your adventurous buddy. Calvin and Hobbes is a well-known comic strip. Hobbes is a stuffed tiger that comes to life thanks to his friend and frequent companion, Calvin's imagination and exploits. When you name your orange cat 'Hobbes,' you may have a lot of fun with your own striped tiger.


While Nemo is an aquatic species, he and your beloved kitty may have some similarities. The iconic clownfish had a striped orange look (similar to a tabby) and was popular with kids of all ages. If your cat is particularly appealing, give him the name Nemo, after the cartoon figure.


A Tigger is similar to a tiger, but with a lot more personality. Winnie the Pooh's popular character was a huge orange and black striped cat that was known for bouncing everywhere he went since "that's what Tiggers do best!" Tigger is an excellent name for an orange cat whose feet never touch the earth.


Cheetos are a famous food with a bright orange color, making them an excellent orange cat name. This is a fun name for your new kitty, whether you're a huge lover of the crunchy treats or find orange cat fur everywhere (much like Cheeto dust).


Another food-inspired name for your orange cat is Mac, which stands for macaroni and cheese. This classic pasta meal is distinctly colored, whether you prepare it from a box or from scratch, much like your new furry buddy.


This is “nacho” your average orange cat name! Everyone loves nacho cheese, and if your orange cat is a real crowd-pleaser, then this is a great name to pick.


Everyone’s favorite fall treat is also a great orange cat name. Pumpkin is a sweet pick for your kitty’s name, especially if you love the autumn season.

Sunny D

Like a bright orange bottle of Sunny D, the sight of your cat will start your day off right. Name him or her after this popular orange drink for a fix of Sunny D all day long.


You can’t go wrong with Rusty as a classic orange cat name!



Plenty of orange cats are tabbies, making Tiger a suitably stripe-y name for your feline.


Tony the Tiger, one of the most renowned tigers of all time, wore an orange coat with black stripes. Tony was recognized as the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes mascot for his slogan, "They're gr-r-eat!" Tony is a great name for your orange cat.


Saffron is a highly appreciated spice that produces a gorgeous golden-orange color when used in cooking or baking. If you're searching for a female orange cat name, give her the name Saffron, and no one will ever doubt how much you love her.



A little bit spicy, Ginger is a common name for redheads. If your orange cat has a spicy personality, name her Ginger.


A sweet and sugary drink with a distinctively orange appearance, Tang is another option for an orange cat name.