Only bird owners understand these 11 things.

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We all know... and are utterly surprised by... the features of pet birds. They have the ability to fly, are extremely bright, and can be downright comical.

However, there are some aspects of birds that only bird owners completely comprehend. Some of them are romantic (like the first time your bird perches on your shoulder) and others are simply revolting (all the feces), but they all contribute to the joy of bird ownership.

Read on to learn the things only bird owners really know, and why our feathered friends are truly part of the family. 

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    You Get Pooped on Regularly—But You Don’t Care

    A close-up of a cockatiel.

    I'll show you a seasoned bird owner if you show me someone who is unaffected by being pooped on by a bird. Most people would be alarmed if a bird pooped on them, yet misdirected feces is a common occurrence among bird owners. Is there poop on your shoulder? Allow me to blot it with a napkin. Is there poop on the shoe? Even if there is a proper technique to remove bird excrement off of garments, it will wipe right off.

    Just imagine if being pooped on was a regular occurrence for  or . 

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    You Bathe With Your Bird

    For many people, a daily shower is a private time to prepare for the day ahead or reflect on the day's events. This certainly cannot be said for parrot owners. 

    Because parrots enjoy being wet, many owners bring them into the bathroom with them when they shower. I mean, why waste time and water on a separate bird bath? Furthermore, if you enjoy singing in the shower, having your bird nearby provides the ideal chance for a bath time duet.

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    Your Bird Eats Better Food Than You

    You'll consume whatever conventionally cultivated, mass-produced food the grocery store has on offer. However, all of your bird's fruits and vegetables are homegrown, pesticide-free, and organic. You may even have a special (read: off-limits) fridge drawer for your bird's food.

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    You’d Rather Talk to Your Bird Than Most of Your Family Members

    Hey, no judgment here—a it's well-known truth that many birds converse better than distant relatives. Even if your bird only understands a few basic words or phrases, conversing with him is preferable to discussing politics with your great uncle or your love life with that strange second cousin.

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    You Have a “Quiet Room,” So Your Bird Can’t Interrupt Phone Calls

    There's a strong probability you have a pet bird if you've ever taken a conference call from inside your kitchen pantry or bedroom closet. Many individuals have a "silent room" where they may accept phone conversations in peace and quiet since certain birds scream, squeal, laugh, or imitate when their owners are on the phone.

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    Your Bird Has More Toys Than Most Kids

    It's no secret that bird toys are expensive. Most bird owners, on the other hand, don't think twice about spending $15 on a toy that their bird would (inevitably) trash within a week. Who, after all, can resist purchasing a fun, bright new toy for their feathery friends?!

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    Your Bird’s Cage Is Basically a Palace

    Your residence is rather cozy. There's enough space for your family and friends, and you can accommodate a few overnight visitors at a time—but nothing extravagant. What's in your bird's cage? It's decked out with the best powder-coated steel wire, full east and west wings (get it? ), and perhaps even a tiny, bird-sized leisure area or gym.

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    Your Bird Gets More Attention Than Anyone Else in the House

    If you own a bird, you know how much she enjoys being the center of attention. Oh, you're having some dinner guests over? She'll do a song and dance routine. Chatting with an obnoxious customer support employee on the phone? Now appears to be a good moment for her to scream really loudly. Trying to get out of the house and into the office? You must first give her your whole attention for a few minutes.

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    Your Bird's Chewing Is Worse Than Your Dog's

    Sure, dogs take the brunt of the criticism for excessive chewing, but your bird is just as terrible (if not worse!) than Fido. She'll chew up—and maybe destroy!— whatever she can get her tiny, little beak on, from furniture to clothing to shoes to your kids' toys.

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    Your Bird Is a Better Dancer Than You

    A bird can be inspired to boogey by anything—music, television, or even humans conversing. On the other side, what about you? To do the Electric Slide at a distant relative's wedding, you'll need numerous strong cocktails, hours of cajoling from your spouse, and a lot of courage.

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    There's No Better Pet to Come Home to

    At the end of the day, there's nothing better than greeting your feathered friend and hanging out with her on your shoulder—even if that means getting pooped on.