11 little hypoallergenic breeds of dogs

Red Miniature Poodles

Dog lovers who don't want hair all over the home should choose a hypoallergenic breed. People with dog allergies should choose hypoallergenic dog breeds. It's critical to know what to anticipate (and not anticipate) from a hypoallergenic breed if you're looking for a tiny hypoallergenic dog.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

Dog allergies are typically caused by proteins in a dog's saliva, fur, or dander, which is dried skin cells. Dander production varies greatly among canines. This varies depending on the breed and the size of the dog (smaller dogs will have less dander). Additionally, different dogs of any breed may naturally have different amounts of dander.

Contrary to popular belief, a dog that is hypoallergenic is not one that will cause an allergic reaction in people. A hypoallergenic dog is one that sheds less, making it less likely for someone who is allergic to dog dander and fur to experience an allergic reaction. The word "hypo" implies less, or below average.

The majority of hypoallergenic breeds don't shed or shed very little. Both the dander found in hair follicles and the hair itself can cause allergic reactions in certain people. The dander is distributed throughout the house as the dog loses its fur. Less dog hair equals less pet dander in the house. Regular professional grooming and frequent are typically necessary for hypoallergenic dog breeds to maintain a tangle-free coat. This regular washing and grooming can lower the likelihood of allergy reactions in people with dog allergies and further minimize the amount of fur and dander that is lost into the environment.

It's crucial to remember that no dog breed or individual dog can be relied upon to prevent an allergic response in a person. Even a hypoallergenic dog may not be able to be tolerated by someone with severe dog allergies. Spend time inside with adult dogs of the breed to see whether you react before committing to a puppy if you are thinking about buying a breed in the hopes that you won't be allergic to it. Despite the fact that no dog is entirely "allergy free" and all dogs, including "non-shedding" breeds, have the ability to lose some hair, persons with allergies may discover that they may live peacefully with one of the following tiny hypoallergenic breeds:

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    The Affenpinscher is a little yet courageous dog, which is not unexpected given that the breed was developed to hunt and eliminate rats and other bothersome rodents. If the Affenpincher's charming "monkey face" doesn't entirely win you over, its humorous demeanor will. Two or three times per week brushing and trimming are required for the low-shedding wiry coat.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 9 to 11.5 inches at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 7 to 10 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short face; wiry and shaggy coat; comes in black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, or beige

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    Bedlington Terriers have an adorable lamb-like appearance and temperament. Don't be misled into believing the Bedlingtons are shy or spoiled by their appearance. They still possess the same ferocity and hunting drive as when they were first utilized to eliminate rats and other pesky pests on farms and deep inside coal mines. They make kind and devoted housemates. Bedlingtons do not shed much because of their oh-so-soft coat, but they do require expert grooming every few months.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 15.5 to 17.5 inches tall at the shoulder 

    WEIGHT: 17 to 23 pounds

    Physical characteristics: Graceful, lithe and well-balanced. The crisp coat, which is a mixture of hard and soft hair, comes in blue, sandy, or liver, sometimes combined with tan.

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    Bichon Frise


    The friendly, joyful Bichon Frise has the appearance and texture of a light, fluffy cloud. The little white dogs were originally developed in France as companions for the affluent, where they led pleasant lives as pets, but eventually discovered a new calling as amusing circus dogs. Bichons are gentle, kind, and sociable dogs who adore people of all ages. The fluffy white coat requires routine professional care but does not shed.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 7 to 12 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Small yet sturdy with a fluffy curly coat that is always white (the coat may have traces of apricot, buff, or cream)

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    Long and opulent, the Coton de Tulear's rich, cottony coat. The so-called Royal Dog of Madagascar is the ideal companion dog that would give its life for you every single day, all day long. The low-shedding coat requires regular brushing with a coat conditioning spray in addition to professional grooming to prevent tangling and breaking. Alternatively, if you'd choose, keep your Coton in a shorter pet clip that takes less upkeep.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 10 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder (males); 9 to 10 inches (females)

    WEIGHT: 9 to 15 pounds (males); 8 to 13 pounds (females)

    Physical Characteristics: Small, yet sturdy. The long coat is always pure white (a few slight shadings of light grey or light tan are permitted on the ears).

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    Due to its stunning, long, silky coat, the Havanese shines out in a crowd. More than 300 years ago, the breed was developed in Havana, Cuba, where affluent people treasured them as lapdogs. The Havanese is an intelligent, active, and sociable dog who enjoys playing, exploring, and making new friends. All ages, particularly mild youngsters, get along nicely with the breed. Daily brushing is necessary to remove mats from the low-shedding coat. It can also be kept in a shorter, more manageable style.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 8.5 to 11.5 inches tall at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 7 to 13 pounds

    Physical Description: The breed may come in one or two colors, including but not limited to black, silver, white, cream, tan, fawn, gold, sable, and red. The coat can vary greatly from silky straight to highly wavy with ringlets.

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    The Löwchen's thick, velvety coat is sometimes kept in a lion trim with longer manes on the neck and head and shaved hindquarters, giving rise to the moniker "Little Lion Dog" for the breed. Löwchen have been around for millennia and probably got their start in Germany or the Mediterranean. Löwchen were well-liked companion dogs of women of the royal courts in pre-Renaissance Europe. Löwchen make great family pets, playing well with considerate kids and taking pleasure in all facets of family life. The amount of hair that the coat loses is little, especially if you brush it frequently.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 12 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder 

    WEIGHT: 10 to 18 pounds

    Physical Features: Small, balanced, and compact. The long, thick, velvety, somewhat wavy coat is available in a broad range of hues and patterns and is frequently styled into the recognizable lion clip.

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    One of the oldest dog breeds, the silky-coated Maltese has roots in the Mediterranean that date back more than 2,000 years on the island of Malta. Maltese are ideal for anyone looking for a cuddly lap dog since they are incredibly loving and people-oriented. They are lively and energetic, and they are little enough to readily go wherever with you. They would much prefer go places with you than stay at home by themselves. In order to avoid tangles and breakage, the snow-white, long, silky coat doesn't shed, but it does require expert care and regular brushing with a pin brush or comb. A low-maintenance "puppy cut" is preferred by certain Maltese owners.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 8 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 4 to 7 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Small and compact. The long, silky single-layer coat is pure white.

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    Miniature Schnauzer


    Of the Standard Schnauzer and Giant Schnauzer breeds, which are related, the Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest. They all have wiry, low-shedding coats that have been cut to leave a scruffy beard, mustache, and eyebrows. They all have similar histories as farm dogs and rat hunters. Despite their diminutive stature, little schnauzers are spirited and full of activity. They like playing and require some daily exercise. Every few months, little Schnauzers require expert grooming. Every few days, brush the longer hair off your legs.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 12 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 11 to 19 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Sturdily built, nearly square in proportion, with plenty of bone. The wiry double coat may be salt and pepper, black and silver, or solid black. 

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    Poodle (Miniature and Toy)


    One breed with three sizes—one large (standard) and two smaller—is the poodle (miniature and toy). The tiny and toy types were bred down in size and were primarily companion dogs, but the Standard Poodle was created in Germany as a water retriever. Poodles are intelligent and vivacious, although they usually behave well inside. The non-shedding, curly coat requires frequent brushing to avoid matting and expert grooming every one to two months. Longer coats on poodles may require daily combing and brushing; shorter clips require considerably less care.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: Toy: 10 inches tall at the shoulder or less; Miniature: 10 to 15 inches tall

    WEIGHT: Toy: About 4 to 6 pounds; Miniature: about 10 to 15 pounds

    Square-built, well-proportioned, and smooth-muscled physical attributes. White, black, silver, brown, and apricot are just a few of the numerous solid hues available for the rough, thick, curly coat.

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    Shih Tzu


    In ancient China, where it was a beloved lapdog of Chinese nobles, the lovely Shih Tzu originated. Shih Tzus are charming and adorable dogs who like playing and getting along well with people of all ages, particularly polite kids. Since the breed has a long, flowing double coat that sheds very little, persons with minor allergies may typically tolerate it. If the coat is maintained longer, the Shih Tzu requires professional grooming every few months as well as regular brushing (less if you choose to try a shorter puppy clip).

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 8 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder

    WEIGHT: 9 to 16 pounds

    Physical Features: Compact and heavy, with a strong double coat that can be almost any color but is most frequently black, white, blue, gold, liver, or combinations of those colors.

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    Yorkshire Terrier


    Although Yorkshire Terriers were sometimes used as ratters, these little pups are now more likely to be seen cuddling up on a lap and entertaining their human family with cute antics. Yorkies are active, but because of their tiny size, they only require one or two daily walks or even a few games of inside fetch to meet their activity requirements. Puppies of Yorkies are born black and brown, but as they get older, the color changes to blue and tan. If kept for a long time, the fine, silky coat needs daily combing. For easy upkeep, many owners keep their Yorkies in short pet clips.

    Breed Overview

    HEIGHT: 8 to 9 inches

    WEIGHT: 5 to 7 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Compact and well-proportioned. The long, straight, and silky coat is blue and tan.