10 Easy and Fun Dog Tricks to Train Your Dog

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi begging

You may go to the entertaining dog tricks once you've mastered the basics of dog training—sit, down, come, and stay. Teaching your dog to shake, roll over, spin, beg, or take a bow is a fun way to engage with him while also reinforcing fundamental instructions. Even a novice can train a puppy or mature dog to perform entertaining tricks.

Fun and Easy Dog Tricks

Plus it's a lot of fun to train a dog some cool dog tricks to show off for friends!

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    Puppy Love

    One of the simplest skills to teach a dog is how to kiss. While not everyone appreciates a huge, sloppy puppy kiss, this dog trick is typically favorably received by children. You'll soon be able to obtain all the attention you desire from your dog on demand by placing a little goodie on your cheek and adding the command!

    Another benefit of teaching your dog to kiss on cue is that is can help you prevent unwanted licking.

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    Spaniel dog barking

    Training a dog to talk is entertaining and beneficial in resolving a frequent behavior issue. To stop excessive barking, many dog trainers advocate utilizing the'speak' and 'quiet' commands. Putting them on command allows your dog to bark in certain scenarios while also giving you control over when the barking should begin and end. Showing off your dog's verbal talents at family gatherings is also a lot of fun!

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    Back Up

    Woman training a dalmatian

    Back up is an entertaining dog trick that may be used in a number of settings. You may utilize your dog's ability to back up on order to restrain it from racing out the door, crowding you at the refrigerator, or simply entertaining your friends.

    Back up is fairly simple to teach a dog. All you need is some patience and a handful of treats. You can quickly train a dog to back up a few steps when you give the command.

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    A Siberian Husky shaking paw

    Have your dog shake hands with your pals to meet them (or paws, as the case may be). This is a simple dog trick that most dogs can learn in a few short training sessions. Most dogs like utilizing their paws and will appreciate the positive attention they will receive when performing this trick.

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    A chocolate lab waving

    Waving hello or goodbye to a dog is a pleasant and very straightforward dog trick. Begin by teaching your dog how to shake his paws. You'll train your dog to wave by lifting its paw in the same way it shakes. This is an excellent attention-getting technique that will be amusing to observe.

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    An Australian Shepherd spinning

    You may simply get your dog to spin by putting a reward near its nose. You may make this dog trick more challenging by teaching your dog to rotate in a specified direction. You'll astound your friends when you demonstrate how your dog can distinguish between left and right.

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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi begging

    What could be cuter than your puppy begging for a reward while sitting on its hind legs with its paws up? This dog trick is a little more harder to teach than some of the others, but with a little patience, your dog will soon be sitting up to beg.

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    Australian Shepherd rolling over

    Most owners start by teaching their dog to roll over in tiny sections and gradually progress to full rollover. Training a dog to accomplish this dog trick may take some time and work, but it is definitely worth it. It's a lot of fun, and it may also be used as a foundation for other dog feats like playing dead.

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    Australian Shepherd playing dead

    When you raise your finger like a gun and shout bang, your dog falls to the floor to pretend dead, your pals will be blown away. Although it appears difficult, training a dog to pretend dead is not as difficult as it appears, especially if you have already trained it to turn over.

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    A greyhound taking a bow

    Taking a bow is a dog trick in which your dog places its chest on the ground while its back end is raised in the air. Bowing may appear to be a tough dog trick to teach a dog, but it is actually a natural action for dogs.

    If you observe two dogs playing together, you'll notice that they regularly bow. This is referred to as a by trainers, and it is a dog's method of inviting another dog to play. You may simply educate your dog to take a bow by utilizing its natural joyful nature. It's also a fantastic way to cap off a showcase of all your dog's new talents!